Sunday, January 03, 2016

Happy New Year 2016!

Stock taking and resolution making. 2015 came and went so fast with many stumbles and letting go and moving forward. The past two years have breezed by without me really feeling it.

fireworks at Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur
Happy New Year 2016 from Kuala Lumpur!

We had our final quarter department meeting in December and one of the activities was to write down your achievement(s) for the year 2015 and it could be submitted as anonymous but would be shared with our colleagues. It got me thinking, what had I achieved in 2015? Here is what I could think off, although some may have been born out of negative circumstances.

  1. Did something about my constant complaints - switched jobs and being persistent in getting what I wanted
  2. Mindset reprogramming - taking the walk up and down the stairs to the hilltop parking as my daily exercise
  3. Started sewing major alterations for my own dresses
  4. Went for my first baking class and started baking (relatively often)
  5. Learned more about getting around in Sri Petaling, Old Klang Road and Bukit Jalil areas
  6. Doing my best in getting the condominium furnished and ready for leasing in under 2 weeks
  7. First time celebrating New Year's eve at a tourist attraction - KLCC (first and probably last time - lesson learned: go somewhere with a view of the fireworks display and not at the site of the display)
I don't really believe in making resolutions because that's what I do at work everyday! Haha, no no, on a more serious note, I don't do it because I know it won't be kept and will just be another broken promise to myself. However, I think it is good to set "recommendations for change" in the new year. Meeting up with a friend I've not met since university, I was encouraged to make some changes. This year, I want to:
  1. be more flexible to changes and impromptu plans
  2. be less shy and learn to develop some level of extroversion
  3. say yes (genuinely and eagerly) to learning opportunities
  4. travel with mom to somewhere further than Singapore
  5. take more initiative in doing things, be it at work or life
  6. read more (effective and not just scanning through)
  7. focus on wellbeing
Well, this is my wishlist and hopefully I will achieve them come 31 December 2016. But, if I don't it's ok too as long as there are no regrets.

Happy New Year 2016!

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