Sunday, December 13, 2015

Baking Experiments: Kiwi Muffins

This post is a little late. It was the first time I tried out using my then new Electrolux hand mixer. I bought a kiwi muffin mix from Bagus baking supplies shop and one afternoon, when the mood was right, I began experimenting.

kiwi muffin
All the ingredients needed for the kiwi muffins

The instructions was not more than 5 lines and it was really simple to follow (from a beginner's view). After mixing, the batter was pretty sticky and a little tricky to spoon into the paper cups. This was my panic moment when the oven was beeping indicating it was sufficiently preheated and I was still struggling to fill the cups.

green kiwi seeds
Kiwi muffin batter ready for baking

I added chocolate chips because I had extra from my much earlier experiment making chocolate chip cookies. I must say that taste-wise, it turned out a good match.

oven choc chip
More baking needed. A watched oven won't bake
I couldn't help watching through the oven window, although that's not very productive. The problem with using a rectangle tray is that the muffins weren't cooking evenly, which resulted in some muffins looking crooked and uneven browning (Maillard Reaction).

The final product, although lacking points for looks, made up in the taste department. Mum said we should get more of this mix.

green kiwi seeds
Kiwi muffins

Bitten by the baking bug, I bought another pack of butterscotch muffin mix from Bagus. This time around I used a round tray for baking. Browning was even but it was rather sweet! The mix had sugar pearls in it. The next time I use the remainder of the mix, I'll remember to separate out the sugar pearls.

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