Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Frailty of Life

Today began my final week of saying goodbyes. I had been caught in a downpour and an expensive BRT ride with a heavy parcel. A number of extraordinary occurrences happened today but the least expected was the tragic passing of my colleague's mother.

When I came back from my lunch appointment, all I'd heard was that my colleague had received the bad news during lunch and broke into tears. She took the rest of the day off. My other colleagues filled me in that her mother was involved in a horrific traffic accident.

How does one comfort a friend when such a sudden violent death occurs to a loved one? There are no words that could alleviate the pain of mortal separation. And sometimes, even our well-meant words could offend.

I pray that the Lord will be her comforter and pillar of strength in her time of grieving and that she would be able to bounce back to her spunky self.

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