Sunday, June 28, 2015

Hot Hot Days and My Head is Uneven!

During the week, most of my time is spent in office with freezing air conditioning although my room should be warmer due to the windowed wall. And when I return home, it's already night time. So I don't really experience the hotness of the day until I am out on the weekends.

Yesterday was particularly hot. I was out on the road for most of the day and it was so hot that I got myself a slight headache (which is a rare thing for me). My headache sneaked up like a snake in the dark and coiled around my temple with slight throbbing every now and then, all through the afternoon till night.

It was so hot that I had to lie on the marble floor in my aunty's house, rolling around. While rolling around, I discovered that my skull is shaped really unevenly. The curves of the right side of my head is pretty uniform, but my left side had this ridge of bone jutting out (at least from my estimate of rolling my head from right to left and vice versa on the even floor. It was a weird feeling, discovering this.

What had happened to me during my formative years? When my bone material were solidifying and taking its shape. Was it because I had lie on one side too much or I got dropped on my head or someone had massaged my skull unevenly? All these ideas are funny. But thankfully, my hair hides this imperfection! ;)

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