Saturday, June 13, 2015

News or Tabloid: I don't know which is which anymore

Lately, Malaysia has been having quite a number of incredulous news that I'm not too sure if I'm still living in the same country. Every news, be it a happy one or a sad one, has been sensationalized. And the funny thing is that it all turns out to be stupid. Seriously brain dead stupidity.

Holier than thou comments which ultimately show the ignorance and narrows mindedness of some Malaysians. Shameless acts done that certain Malaysians just choose to be blinded against. I don't know. The Malaysia today seems unrecognizable from what Malaysia was not long ago.

Perhaps all these dimwits and liars had been around all this while but the transfer of information had never been this fast and so the mass majority of us had never suspected such idiots existed. And to see these idiots proudly parading their vices and ignorance is just dumbfounding. It really makes the sane ones become stupider (if there's such a word, i.e. reverse learning, miseducation, dumbify)

Malaysians, please! Like what I heard on radio a while back, "please engage brain before releasing tongue!"

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