Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Being Thankful: Day 37

I'm thankful for:

  1. a weird start to the day - I reached the carpark about half an hour early. Had a craving for nasi lemak spurred by the road side stall I always see on the way to the carpark. So I parked at the corner nearest to the shops, walked to the nearest Malay restaurant to find a substitute nasi lemak, but they didn't have those nasi lemak bungkus. So I walked around the shoplots area and still no sign of nasi lemak. Ended up walking back to the front to buy a small pack of nasi lemak and walked an entire circle back to my car to repark it nearer the exit. My morning exercise was well worth the calories intake.
  2. finally getting down to buying the replacement phone for mum. A little tinge of envy as mine mysteriously kept crashing and shutting down... and still is. Probably time for a recharge. But what an experience it was buying from that phone shop - so many people on a mid-weeknight! I think this will be our go to shop if we do need a phone in the future - good price for original phones.
breakfast nasi lemak opposite sunway pyramid
No guilt about the caloric intake. The sambal really blew my mind (spicy giler)

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