Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The Strongest Matter in the World

Sometimes the physical can be deceiving. What appears to be strong may actually be weak.

What is the strongest matter in the world? Steel? Lead? Diamond? Carbon fibre?

I say it is this lump of cholesterol residing under our cranium. The power of the mind is incredible. It is the determining factor which makes or breaks everything in life. Our worldview determines our character, our decisions, our beliefs and our actions.

Why do we think diamond is the strongest matter? It is because our brains believe it is so. Yes, you could argue that it has been scientifically proven. However, science... how did it come about? Science is a collection of theories thought up by human beings and which have been experimented on repetitively giving the same outcome, which then is considered truth. Consistency is the key.

Therefore, what if the original thought had been a mistake? And that 'mistake' had been developed and postulated upon by various thought leaders, without any one having a clue that it was a mistake to begin with. The perception that had been established would prevent any attempt to doubt the theory and therefore the 'mistake' would remain as truth in the minds of many.

All of which comes to the question: How sure are you about what you believe? Is it THE TRUTH or PERCEIVED TRUTH? It's all in the head.

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