Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fishing Trip!

Today I went for my first fishing trip! Ok, technically I have experienced "candat sotong" (squid fishing... squiding??) during my Redang Island trip last year.
N & I crashed R's church event shamelessly, confirming just hours before the day. It was a split second decision but a good one. We didn't catch anything that would feed us and basically we were there waiting for hours (cumulatively) for a bite and donated many worms to the fishies in the pond, but it was an experience!

Confessions of the coward: I did NOT bait the hook once at all. The squirmy earthworms just made me weak all over (even now as I am typing this, I just had a muscle spasm all over my body! Lol). N was the hero of the day - piercing multiple worms for our shared rod and also for R's sister - who incidentally caught a 750g catfish which won 3rd place!

So what was our catch? N & I caught a combination of 2 tiny fishes, 1 piece of wood and 1 sliver of plastic. The fishies were really tiny - baby ones - the kind that were a little larger than the large ikan bilis that we deep fry for snack.

First place went to Uncle who caught a 5kg pacu fish, which had a few other hooks in it. We're guessing he was the one who got away from the young dudes next to us who had wrestled with some fish till their line broke. Uncle was really calm and gentle with this fishy and there was practically no struggle when catching him.

2013 is turning out to be a happening year! So early in the year and I've racked up a few new experiences already:-

1. Long distance driving (SA to Ipoh to Penang to SA)
2. Attend a Punjabi wedding and became ad hoc helping hand (thank goodness for the training for the past months)
3. Wearing a 'headscarf' in public
4. Fishing with a fishing rod!

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