Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Resignation Letters & "Yours faithfully"?

I was going through a stack of resignation letters when suddenly I realised that our standard format of resignation letters were signed off by a "Yours faithfully".

A little ironic, don't you think? You're deserting the company, but doing it faithfully ;) Which part of the act of leaving demonstrates faithfulness? Faithful in past service, maybe, but it is like an oxymoron to use the word "faithful" in a resignation letter.

Perhaps I do not comprehend the use of "Yours faithfully" and what it implies, but from a layman's perspective and taking the words literally, it does not jive with what a resignation letter is trying to relay to the reader. A better choice of word is wanting. Personally, I usually use "Yours sincerely", as I am sincerely telling the recipient that I want to leave.

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