Saturday, September 29, 2012

My observation on work culture

So, I've been at my new job for 1.5 months. There is definitely a disruption in my comfort zone. Everyday is a challenge of settling in and pushing down the awkwardness I feel. I am not someone who gets familiarised with people easily - fostering camaraderie is a challenge.

In every situation, there are pros and cons, good days and bad ones. Perhaps it is the pessimism in me, to focus on the bad side of things - but I've noticed that women tend to be more curt/rude unnecessarily. I was quite taken aback with the tone of voice and manner of reply used on me when asking me for information or giving me an answer. (This is me having a bad Friday)

I hope next week will be better. My mind keeps zero-ing on the unfavourable things. And the more stories I hear from my colleagues, the more I wonder whether I have made the right choice. But I will still keep with my principle of not judging a person until I have actually experienced it myself.

Funny how generally no one likes their bosses. In this organisation and the past ones and from friends' stories. I wonder why. Personally, I have never experienced such loathing yet. Yeah, sometimes the boss asks you to do things you don't want to do, but usually it is with a reasoning and not just to torture you (in my limited experience, that is). However I've seen bosses ask their employees to run personal errands which are not part of their job scope and then treat them (said employees) ungratefully.

Another thing I've come to realise is to never trust HR when they are in the process of hiring you. I have discovered a number of things conveyed by the HR person to be technically true, but not the whole truth for my specific situation. I kind of feel cheated in that sense - not given the complete picture of my expectations. "But what to do? Sign contract already...."

I hope these complaints is just me being resistant to change, and not real issues I should be vigilant about. I need change management agents to work in my head.

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