Saturday, September 01, 2012

Finding Connections

When you leave something behind, it's inevitable to have this longing to return. And so, you look out for familiar things in your new situation, just to have a fibre to connect the new with the past.
I didn't know I was doing the exact same thing unconsciously until I realised that I was so amused at finding yet another connection with the past - a person's name in a document! To keep count, this is the third thing I've discovered and tied back with the past.

In the non-reality realm, I've had a couple of strange dreams connecting me with the past. The recent was quite vivid where I was offered a completely different position in my ex-employer by someone whom I've never met before. The thing that made it believable was that someone I knew was there too, and she was also trying for another position - but that didn't make sense as she is still working there (in the real world).

Maybe I'm still hung up on the past. Maybe I need more time to adapt to the idea that the past is gone and the future is what I should be concerned with. Maybe I need to start cutting down the ties that bind me to the past and find leads to tie me to the future.

Or maybe I'm just talking nonsense and being a romantic fool.

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