Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wait a minute... I know that guy!

At this ungodly hour, I was researching for more info on an opportunity a kind friend had introduced to me.

Previously I had unintentionally stumbled across some private information tying a certain person A with another person B; person A being someone important in my work and person B being a figure in the research community (and so happens to have studied under the same supervisor as I).

A short while ago, I saw a photo in an article on the signing of an MoU between a certain international research institute and a local university. And lo and behold, smack in the middle of this photo I see someone I've met a couple of times late last year - person C! Until this moment, I didn't realise person C had any connection with the abovementioned opportunity, let alone being a signing party to the MoU! I guess the research community is indeed a small one.

NB: From personal experiences dealing with person A and person C, they both are very nice people, down to earth and thus far, no high demands considering the positions that they are holding. As for person B, I have yet to communicate with him, but he will be the key person if I should endeavour to embark on this opportunity. The key word here being "if".

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