Sunday, January 29, 2012


I really love this bunch of colleagues. We have had many moments of laughter, games, name-calling and heart-to-hearts in the few months I've known them thus far.

One of the LOL moments we had a few weeks ago was a discovery I (and some others too) made about the urban jargon "dayum". Having seen this word used rampantly on Facebook, I asked my colleague what that word meant.

If I'd googled the word, I would've got my answer. But I didn't. explains it as:


an explative, not unlike whoa. It is a more emphasized version of the word "damn" when it is used in the same way.
e.g. "Dayum! Your sister's HOT!"
Making deductions is what I do. Since most of my friends are Malaysians and most Malaysians use Manglish (Malay, English & etc all mixed together in our dialogues), I really thought "dayum" was a Malay word and was meant to be pronounced as "duh-yoom" (i.e pronunciation using "bahasa baku").

When my colleague heard this, we laughed our heads off. To make things even more unbearable, the other elder colleagues also had had the same thought as me. So it seems we have a serious generation gap here - and I'm only a year older than the colleague who knew what "dayum" was! The pronunciation part really cracked us up (up until today!)!!!

I am so glad that I did not go around using the word according to my interpretation! That really would've been a spectacle.

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