Monday, September 05, 2011

Wanting the Chicken Before the Egg Hatches

It was the Friday before the Raya week. I had a little "itch" to check out my latest iWant - the HTC Sensation. So we went to our usual phone dealer and I got to touch my iWant for the very first time (after stalking it for many moons). Learning of the price from the seller, I put it down and went home to stalk it virtually.

I'll admit, I started bidding to make the other bidder pay more and not because I had intention to buy the phone. It's evil, I know. I had brainwashed myself enough into thinking that I would never get this phone, just like my previous enigma.

So it caught me by total surprise when the countdown timer zero-ed and my nickname was at the top of the list! Unbeaten! I had won the auction for a brand new HTC Sensation 4G. With the state of finance I was in, I was panicking whether to pay up and buy the phone OR bail out and pay the RM10 penalty.

After two days of thinking, I decided to go for it. Paid up on the last day and have yet to receive confirmation from the seller on whether the transaction has cleared. The Raya holidays (non-working days) has added to my wait - trying my patience. (I will have to wait for about a month before the stock arrives)

I know people may think I might have been conned, but the seller has an almost perfect positive feedback from the many thousands of products he has sold through the site. So, gullible me is willing to trust the masses and wait patiently for my goods.

With barely a week after the purchase was made, I find myself looking for a suitable case on eBay! Online shopping is really addictive, I tell ya. And mum has been infected by me! I've actually narrowed down a couple of choices and can't decide on which I should get. (I keep telling myself to wait for the phone to arrive before buying a case for it! Hope this resolution works!)
Some of the covers I want to buy online!

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