Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living with Their Eyes Wide Shut, Ears Alert but Deaf

It's been a while since I followed the news - in a way it was a blessing, being ignorant for a slightly longer period with lesser hours of heartache from the injustice of utter lies certain bloggers and media have cooked up. It is a wonder how the "person at the heart of this storm" is able to withstand all the pressure. Prayers for the blessed man who has proven that he walks the talk.

All I can say is that it is a really disgusting underhanded method to fabricate lies by selectively editing video clips in the hope of deceiving the rakyat (the majority of whom would blindly believe anything spit out by someone who looks like them and are probably not aware of such trickery in technology). If the truth is what you say it is, why distort the truth by chopping the video up so that only certain words (in a whole conversation/speech) are audible? "The truth will set us free", isn't that right? If what you have been proclaiming is indeed the TRUTH, then you should not be worried in broadcasting the VIDEO IN ITS WHOLE LENGTH! After all, it IS the TRUTH (as you have proclaimed it is). Only then will it be a fair playing field and let the rakyat decide who has spoken the truth and who has been blatantly lying all along. God have mercy on you.

Call me ancient, but the first time I witnessed such dirty politics was when a YouTube video-patchwork proclaiming US President Obama was an undercover Muslim emerged. I'm really sad to say that the person who created the video was trying to play with the minds of Christians in America (as well as other countries), duping them into thinking Obama is a lesser leader just because of his 'alleged' undercover religion (whether he is actually a good leader is another story altogether). The clips in the video strategically stopped after Obama had uttered a word connected to Islam, either beginning or mid-sentence. With such editing, one wonders what Obama was saying in his message. However, unfortunately this tactic had worked, many forwarded emails flew around condemning Obama. I know for certain this worked because a relative had sent me the link, adding a personal message that confirmed she believed this falsehood. This sort of character assassination makes me sick - and regardless of whether the victim is an angel or an ass, after watching such evil garbage I would put my vote for the victim any day!

It is true, that in this day and age, people have eyes but they do not see; they have ears but do not hear (and some have brains, but do not think).

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