Sunday, September 25, 2011

Eighth Sewing Project: Batik & Uchiwa Small Bags

My weekend project was to sew a farewell gift for my good friend who is flying off to Tokyo (probably for good) the week after next.

Uchiwa bag (US designer cotton) and Batik bag (local cotton)

In the past, I had resolved many times to sew pouches and bags for friends' birthdays etc. but have always failed to live up to my resolutions. This weekend, I stayed home and did what I planned to do.

From previous months of browsing through Etsy and other sewing blogs, I had in mind what type of bag I wanted to sew. But the problem was that I couldn't find a free pattern that I could download and print out. So I had to draw my own pattern and hoped *crossing fingers* that it would turn out well.

After sketching the pattern out on a few A4 papers, I had to visualise how to piece the fabrics together and which to sew first etc. And then came the fabric matching - where my room was strewn with all the fabric that I had bought before.

In the end, I decided to make two bags, instead of one (the gift). Just in case one didn't work out. And also because I always want to keep what I make - so if I have two, the pain from parting with one won't be so bad. hehehe

The Uchiwa bag would be for my friend - to suit her circumstance. I'd thought of incorporating something that reminds her about home, but the batik cloth would not complement the uchiwa fabric I had.

To cut the long story short, I started at 12pm on Saturday and finished at 5am on Sunday. Below are some photos of the bags.

Fabric pieces before assembling the Batik bag (polka dot netting is not shown here)

Fabric pieces before assembling the Uchiwa bag

Batik bag - open up!

Batik bag - inside

Uchiwa bag- open up!

Uchiwa bag - inside
I hope she'll like my gift - although I fear the colours may be a little strong for her liking. I think I should add in a strap too... let's see whether time will allow this!

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