Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Can't Stop Staring at Backside

Changing handphones is not a regular thing I do. In fact, ever since I started having one eight years ago, I've only had four. I have only intentionally bought one phone so far, and I'm not talking about my latest (that was an accident!).

After having my new iWant (now more appropriately to be termed iHave or iGot) for about two weeks, I must admit that I still can't get over staring at its backside! The lines! Ahh! And it's such a shame I have to cover the back with a silicone case to protect it from scratches.

I know, other people would probably never fathom why I would choose this phone over something else with more features and less expensive, but I believe that the most important person to please/justify to is MYSELF. So I am happy with what I chose.

My Was and Is
Collecting my new gadget was an adventure in itself. After getting a confirmation that I could collect it on Monday, we set out after dinner. Armed only with OviMaps, we braved the heavy rain and multiple dark highways to reach Kajang around 9.30pm. The seller lived in this dodgy area and I nearly knocked on the wrong door!

When the door was answered, the seller's wife/gf told us he was in the bathroom. He came to the door shortly and was surprised to see my parents accompanying me - calling my dad "Uncle" in a sort of auto-reflex mode voice. I really wanted to laugh there and then, but maintained a poker face. We practically ran off to the car after getting the merchandise. When I say dodgy, I really mean DODGY... (reminded me of the slums of Surabaya)

It took me some getting used to to pry the cover open and to understand the pre-loaded apps - especially the T-Mobile ones. This time I was very careful to set the phone settings so that I won't end up surfing the Internet on 3G network.

But overall, I'm happy (to a certain extent). After all, earthly things can only bring happiness and not joy.

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