Sunday, May 23, 2010

Organise, ppl!

Will never understand why many people don't get the concept of a template. Make life easier by using "Save As" rather than "Save", when you know that you'll be using the template again in the near future. Then you wouldn't need to delete all the previous content when you want to use a fresh new template for fresh new content. You'd be cutting down a lot on using 'Backspace' or 'click, drag and Ctrl + X'. Save energy (both muscle and electricity).

Somehow, through certain experiences in the past, I've developed a habit of always keeping backup copies of templates (both online and offline), saving black & white proof of significant communications and an intolerance towards incomplete/unorganised filing systems for files that can be categorised. It makes life so much easier and covers your ass (if the occasion ever arises)!

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