Tuesday, May 04, 2010

In the news today: Certified No Pig, Make a Fool of Yourself to Win Votes

Pork-free dipsticks

This article tells of an invention by Kazakhstan scientists, where these dipstick tests can identify whether there is pork content in the food with just a glass of water to dissolve the food sample. I can imagine seeing this used in Malaysia, but I don't think our Malaysian halal food vendors are that cunning to add pork into their food. In fact, pork prices are escalating, so it wouldn't be cost-effective to the food seller.

Circus politics

How much cheesier can you get than politicians (especially in Southeast Asian politics). In the last general election here in Malaysia, we could actually see the childishness of these 'potential leaders', broad-day sabotage, billboard gimmicks, singing and dancing during campaign drives. Well now we get to read of similar antics in the Philippines here. Their case includes bad rapping, comedy and sexploitation. And what is with the increasing number of celebrities (drama actors, singers, boxers, you name it!) who are trying their hand in politics? It's becoming a fanfest rather than an election!

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