Thursday, May 27, 2010

Damn those tears!

I always consider myself as emotionally numb, or at least outwardly appear to seem so. But there have been instances (not too often though) where I just can't control the stupid tears that come gushing from somewhere within me (figuratively, I know tears are produced by the lacrimal gland) and hit my eyelids with a hot sting like flood water released from the floodgates and hitting a barrier wall.

It is really embarrassing as when it happens, I can't look anyone in the eye anymore for fear they might see the extra moisture or tiny blood capillaries spidering to the surface of my cornea. And the worse part is, it's not even horrendous news, it's just something which would make things a bit more difficult. Why do I feel so intensely over some small matters? Is there a way for me to stop these subconscious reactions? Or is the answer to that question a solid NO because it's just another sign to reassure myself that I am HUMAN.

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