Monday, April 26, 2010


I know this is the totally wrong time to be wanting things... but temptations always choose to come at the most trying of times.

I was minding my own business and being a good girl, paying all her bills and fees as they came due (especially this couple of months). My course fees and future travel plans really robbed me the last two months. I'm not exactly in the Red, but I wouldn't call it good financial planning to see your bank account horizontally zig-zagging like when we were trying to draw a mountain range in kindergarten.

On Friday, I accidentally saw the tech pullout of The Star lying on top of the pile of old newspapers in my office and while flipping through, I saw a product review on the Google phone Nexus One. From curiosity it led to research and then to "I want it now!" (Funny thing, this was how I wanted my current old-school cell phone and iPod nano 4th Gen. and eventually I got it! The former by winning a competition, the latter by one of my first few paychecks)

So feast your eyes on what I'm currently dreaming for:
(image is a URL from the official Google nexus one site)

Photo taken from here

And then today, after lunch, we went walking around a mall and happened to chance upon a watch shop. I went in, not looking for anything in particular and skeptical as to what the shop had to offer (it was the kind of "cina apek" watch shop), and Boom! I see something I like! All this time, I've seen nice watches but not nice enough to tempt me to actually research on them. This is the first time I've actually Google-ed for a particular watch and oh, the temptation is just killing me! Take a look and see whether it's worth paying more than RM600 (before discount)

This is the Fossil Philip S+arck Veilled watch for ladies (image URL from Beautiful. I think it's worth the RM600 (if only I had that much to spare). Help me!

p.s: I'm hoping that I'll get an unexpected raise or bonus soon... please boss, please! Probably not. :'(

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