Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting people to say 'Yes'

by Patricia Fripp and David Palmer
(summarised from 20100405 The Star, Metro Classifieds)

6 weapons of influence:

1. Reciprocation
- build a sense of indebtedness in someone by delivering a number of uninvited 'first favours' over time
- don't have to be tangible gifts, could be useful information etc.

2. Commitment and Consistency
- when you get someone to commit verbally to an action, the chances that they'll actually do it goes up sharply

3. Social proof
- people decide what is correct by noticing what others think is correct (principle of influence)
- product endorsements are the most obvious application of social proof

4. Liking
- people tend to trust anything or anyone familiar
- the best way to builid this familiarity is to have frequent and pleasant contact with those you want to influence

- most of us are raised with a respect for authority, both real and implied
- put this general principle into use by citing authoritative sources to support your ideas
- dress like the people who are already in the positions of authority that you seek

6. Scarcity
- principle of scarcity: opportunities seem more valuable when they are less available
- the possibility of losing something is a more powerful motivator than gaining something

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