Saturday, December 05, 2009

Emptiness Syndrome after Study Cessation

As of 1745 hrs on December 4th, 2009 I was freed from the pressure of studying for my ICSA Corporate Governance and Corporate Secretaryship papers. (Not that I actually suffered much from that pressure, in fact I effectively ignored it and am hoping I won't need to learn the hard way)

So what did I do to celebrate this "MERDEKA!" of mine? I went shopping with mom. I don't know whether the shops were just plain uninteresting or I was still in the post-exam state of mind, but somehow, I didn't really relish it. However, I did buy a blouse from Forever 21 on 'credit mom' and so, am broke again before the month has even reached its maturity. Great work SM!

Again, as with all the past examinations I've sat for, I've got the post-examination emptiness syndrome. It's a directionless feeling I feel when I suddenly stop studying (after the culmination of the exam) after routinely cramming for an exam for a period of time. It's that loss of momentum that throws me out of balance. All the wonderful plans I was dreaming up to realise after the exams suddenly disappear into thin air! Maybe they were just that proverbial "carrot" that I subconsciously dangled in front of my eyes as motivation. Haha... the wonders the mind can do!

December will be a good month for meeting friends and family. Although that sounds like a Zodiac Star prediction, I do really think December will be lovely. Christmas is coming and there'll be people to meet, meals to eat and... some plans to make.

More to come when time allows!

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