Wednesday, December 23, 2009


Don't fall for the ploy! Don't fall for the ploy!

Eeek! Plop...

You did. You always do. Ah well, it's just part of life right? Always falling for the same old crap that caught you in their snare an age old while ago...

Ooh, btw, I've been having this memory lapse, where one day I just woke up and tried to remember what I learned in STPM Biology... and I couldn't remember what word was used to describe the appendix... the word bugged me for quite some time and today I rediscovered what it was! Vestigial!!! (although that is kind of an old school thought about the seemingly useless appendix... it has been discovered that the appendix does have its purpose and is not just another thing rendered redundant by the process of evolution)


  1. dont keep us in suspense! whats the use of our appendix?

  2. It stores commensal bacteria. Apparently it exposes our white blood cells to the useful bacteria in our gastrointestinal tract so that our immune system is somewhat "educated" not to destroy them... and its also a "safe house" for the bacteria, so that if we get a bad case of diarrhoea or somehow had a colon purge, the good bacteria stored in the appendix can repopulate our colon and we'll have a healthy happy colon again! ;)