Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas was Here

A good friend (RC) had been spreading the Christmas spirit to me via sms! And I got infected =)

There's just something, dare I say 'magical', about Christmas. There's no other time of the year that I feel an anticipation for something special - even when walking around in the mall. And as RC said, the Christmas carols being played over the PA system of the shops just makes us happy! As a Christian I'm just glad to hear these songs played in the open, however commercialised they may be, because they're all singing of the Good news - the birth of Jesus, our Saviour! As for the other shoppers, the carols are good cheery music, but if by chance they were to meditate on the lyrics - it would truly be a blessing to them!

I used to think that Christmas was over-commercialised and the spirit of the celebration was gradually being watered down. Perhaps it is, in a way. But then I learned something in my Alpha Bible Study class:

It is true that some preach Christ out of envy and rivalry, but others out of goodwill...
But what does it matter? The important thing is that in every way, whether from false motives or true, Christ is preached. And because of this I rejoice.
(Philippians 1:15,18)

So I think this is a good subtle way of evangelising! :)

How was my Christmas? The busiest ever! I had morning Christmas service in church, RC's Christmas tea party to attend and a Christmas family dinner at night.

I stayed up till 4am trying to ice the store-bought banana cake that was to be my contribution to the tea time pot luck. It was pretty frustrating because the colour of cream cheese frosting basically doesn't give much space for creativity and as much as I tried to make a Christmas log cake, the icing just looked so drab - like a wet cloth all scrunched up! But after poking in some plastic Christmas decorations, it looked more "festive" (I guess). Judge for yourself!

Due to the late night (or rather, early morning), we couldn't get up in time to attend the Christmas celebration in DUMC. So, we went straight to our church. Met YC and her sister there. I'm really thankful that YC joins us this Christmas! I hope and pray that this will be the beginning of His work in her. Christmas service was good - the main sanctuary was packed and the usually super cold air-conditioning was barely keeping me from sweating (that's how packed it was!).

After service, we had lunch with YC and her sister. Before I knew it, my watch was showing 3pm! Amazing how time flies on the sly! So I had to cut it short and rush back to Shah Alam, pick up the cake from home and head over to RC's. I was late (but not the last haha *winks*). It was super hot outside and I was melting, but thankfully the cake wasn't! It was refreshing to meet up with half of the gang! And sad to say, but... we're getting old! We were even taking out our school year books and pointing to pictures inside it! On TV, you'd only see that sort of scenario with a group of people in their 30s reminiscing about their past... hahaha.... well, well, that's the reality of life, I guess! Anyway, since K brought her other half, the tradition of grilling the boyfriends commenced! hahaha... He did well! Our OSC was relentless! hahahaha... it was so funny and seriously cute!

However all the fun time had to come to an end. I had to rush off for the family reunion. We were super late (again). Mum had been non-stop cooking since 3pm... and I was no help because I was at the tea pot luck! But her efforts were all paid off, as it was the only dish that was finished without any leftovers! She prepared Vietnamese spring rolls (cha gio). And although during the Chinese winter festival dinner on the 22nd, the host  said the "cha gio" did not match the Western menu they were planning, his wife gave us a 'go ahead'! It turned out well! Sort of gave that 'umph' to the bland fine dining feel to the whole dinner table! But I've got to hand it to my aunt, she really knows how to set a table! Looks like something out of Martha Stewart or O!

I would rate the communication level of that night as pretty good! We all had quite a lot of fun talking, joking and thanks to my nephew's antics, the scene was liven up. And I've come to think that raising kids in Singapore is not so bad - you just need to have really good parenting skills. I've noticed that the three niece and nephews from Singapore are really great kids! Not at all 'kiasu'... Kudos to their parents - my cousins!

This Christmas was also special because CL came back to KL for 14 days. And although we didn't spend Christmas day with him and Ah Yee and Uncle, we did see him quite a lot when he was back here - maybe too much... I even fell asleep twice! :S

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