Tuesday, September 15, 2009

'Malu-fying' Malaysian Bad Habits

Not being in a really good mood today after yesterday's accident where my car was knocked by an old-school Proton Saga who was trying to squeeze past the car in front of him turning out at a junction in Kelana Jaya while in the thick of the jam (I was on the main straight road giving way to the aforesaid "car in front of the offender"). And further peeved that the detritus-of-a-driver was giving hand gestures to me implying that I was in the wrong! It really peeves me that someone could be THAT dumb (or perhaps just too Malaysian - the "I didn't do it" Syndrome)! I'm just too b****y sick of explaining what exactly happened, but I can vow that I was in the right this time and that if anyone wants to bring it up to the police, they would pronounce me as the one who was wronged! Anyway, bottom line is I didn't stop to argue because the driver and his 'oh so brilliant' (pls read that with oozing sarcasm) passenger looked like thugs and well, I'd rather not sacrifice my life for a couple of scratches on my bumper.

Yeah, that briefly explains the "crap" I had yesterday evening... now on to what I originally set out to blog about - two articles that displays the ugly side of Malaysians.

First, prank calls. This Bernama article - Prank Calls: Mobile Phone Dealers, No Angels Either! I particularly found these lines shocking:

"The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has discovered that mobile phone dealers also abused the 999 Emergency Service by dialing 999 to check activation status of new SIM cards sold by them."

"In June alone, of the 1.073 million calls received by the centre, 63.84 percent or 685,516 were prank calls, noted the MCMC."

Don't they have anything else better to do? Perhaps if they put the same effort into something more constructive then we could cease being called a third world country!

Now to the second article - PLUS To Screen Off Minor Accident Spots. This action will be taken to prevent jams caused by kaypo-chis (busybodies). Check out what the Works Minister Datuk Shaziman Abu Mansor said:

“Sometimes it is just a small knock on the bumper, but it causes a massive jam. Other motorists slow down to look at the accidents.
“Some want to take down the number to buy 4D (lottery), others are busybodies who want to check out the condition of the driver or the severity of the crash.”

Boy, do I know what he's talking about! Once, I was already late to work and was driving on the NKVE and there was a massive jam. In the end, the jam was caused by busybody drivers trying to get an eyeful of the accident which happened on the OTHER side (opposite) of the highway! WOW... Incredible!

Ok, the sarcasm is getting a bit too much to be considered healthy. I'd better stop now.

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