Monday, January 19, 2009

Typo Errors To Valentine's Verses

it has become a common event for my colleagues (the girls) and i to skype each other while in office. we chat about everything... from discussing lunch plans to checking out online shopping blogs to deliberating toilet trips and commentary on the antics we see in the office. this brings me to one chat i had today.

we were chatting about something that i can't recall at the moment... when my friend typed the word "bring" as "brong"... i badgered her for it, and she brought up a typo error i did while doing the malay news yesterday - "pelancong" became "pelancing".

i responded that the letters O and I are very close together on the keyboard. she then pointed out that I and U are also near each other. then suddenly this phrase popped into my mind (i might have read a similar version somewhere before):

U and I are so near each other on the keyboard, so goes for you and me!

i think that would be such a novelty verse to print on valentine's day cards!!! hahaha...

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