Thursday, January 15, 2009

Cliché Power Phrases

i listen to the radio while driving to work every morning. and lately there has been some sort of advertisement promoting some NGO's effort in collecting funds for the palestinian-israeli war going on in gaza. the advert featured a voice clip of an interview with one of the people serving the NGO. he used such words like "create awareness". immediately, the caps "AIESEC" flashed through my mind! such terms are nowadays getting too commonly used by every tom, dick and harry company/organisation to create some sort of bombastic feel towards their products or campaigns. personally i feel that the effect of these words have been mellowed or diluted by its blatant overuse!

another term which has been prostituted is "management trainee"! i think that job title is the latest "it" thing in the job hunting community... fresh graduates such as myself, look out for management trainee positions, trying to find an opportunity to switch fields without having to take a second degree... or those looking for a continuation to their learning experience. now every company has that position to exploit the fresh grads to do all sorts of odd jobs and what nots... disguising the job load as hands-on learning experiences. although there is truth in garnering more knowledge via hands-on experiences, but a little training wouldn't hurt right?

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