Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Facebook Junkie

ok, i'm a little ashamed to say that i have quite alot of free time at work to surf the net... this may sound like i'm a pain in the ass, but i prefer to be busy rather than lazying around the whole day - i feel more productive when tasked with alot of work. of course when there's too much lined up for me, i'll get my allergic reactions to stress. like the time in YV '07 and thesis writing - eczema on the legs.

so yeah, back to the topic of this post. having said that i have free time, the natural thing to do every morning to beat the boredom is to login to facebook. my affair with facebook started a long time ago. i'd accidentally signed up for facebook when a friend sent me an invite (sounds like how this blog started!). thinking that he wanted to let me view his profile, i unwittingly created an account. this was back in my uni days... i can't recall when exactly, so my facebook account is probably about 2 years old. for a very long time i didn't access my facebook account, in fact i had forgotten i had a facebook account... until one day (about a year ago) i tried logging in to it and found that i had a couple of friend requests. after that, the facebook craze started.

i really have to give credit to CCMC for promoting facebook to our 'hyperactive chatterboxes' gang... if it weren't for her, we'd all be facebook-less. now only rachel is resisting the temptation of facebook! we are all working hard at trying to recruit and convert her into a facebook addict!

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