Monday, January 05, 2009

December was a dream, the New Year is filled with crap

i loved december... in fact, 2008 year end was a pretty good time for me, comparing with my experiences in past years. although the routine was the same, somehow, things seemed more enjoyable while in the past they were bordering on painful experiences. by year end, i managed to carry out quite a few things i've never done before - i started driving, had my first accident and survived without a heartache, managed to snag a pretty easy-flowing job, started reading news regularly, gone on a job assignment trip, take lrt to klcc alone for an interview (ok, this really shows how sheltered i've been! haha), went for an outstation new year party, talked to a couple of cousins i'd never really spoken to before, completed my degree, wrote my thesis and discovered that my writing really really helped me alot (because i honestly think that i didn't have much data at all).

i'm not one for superstitions, but i can't help noticing something peculiar which has been happening to me... ever since the new year 2009 dawned, i've been plagued with a string of unfavourable incidents - from bad service in eateries to almost slipping and falling and then there was the time when i found out that the ICSA class was starting in less than 12 hours and i'd had no time to prepare fees and documents required for registration. that really was the cherry on the sundae - i had e-mailed and called the college for the latter half of december but did not receive any reply from them. i'd learned from BY that the class schedule would be out by new year and had diligently checked their website a couple of times a day. then came 2nd january (friday) at 10pm... the schedule is finally out and the first class was on 3rd january at 9.30am! how wonderful!

i was really upset for the whole night. it's because if i start in january, i'd be able to finish the course in about one and a half years, that'd be around june 2010. however, if i missed this class and started on the next module in march, i'd finish the course in at least 2 years - year end 2010. so, i've decided to start in march - consoling myself that 2009 is expected to be an economically rough year and that the after-effects could last for another year. so i reasoned that graduating early could mean that i wouldn't be able to get a related job easily. but of course, i could always stick with my current job, but i'm afraid that i'd get too comfortable here and that would impede my career path. i need to get out of my comfort zone and push myself up 'the ladder'.

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