Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The Ever-Youthful Mickey Mouse Turns 80!!!

as i was doing my usual rounds finding news on the Internet, i discovered that Mickey Mouse is 80 today! i think Mickey is undoubtedly the most famous rodent of all times! to think that rodents are widely regarded as pests and carriers of disease, this Hollywood mouse does the rodent family proud! according to this slideshow on CNN (picture above taken from this Web site), the secret to Mickey's success is that he is based on circles which are soothing. it also says that a psychologist in the 1940s said that if you showed a picture of the cartoon mouse to a child, they would instantly smile.

so Mickey Mouse makes us feel good? personally, i agree with this... but only when i look at the older versions of the mouse... somehow i don't really find the newer Mickey Mouse as unique, funny and friendly. maybe it's because the new Mickey speaks more than the old Mickey... and cartoons from the good old days used to have an innocent brand of humour - simple yet funny and doesn't have to resort to toilet humour or double meaning and name-calling... that's why i stopped watching cartoons (and also the fact that i was getting abit too old to be doing that!)

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