Monday, October 20, 2008

Mac OS is Just So Visually Pleasing to Use

maybe it's just me being petty, but i feel so cool and comfortable when using Mac OS. all the graphics are smooth, not too crisp with a slight shadow behind each window and smooth gradient colours everywhere! and when you hover your cursor over a button, it glows lightly and fading when the cursor is moved away. aaahhh!!! and the program icons! even open source softwares have nicely designed icons using great colours and playing around with gradients and shadows. i'm wondering whether the developers/designers create better looking icons for macs than windows or it's because the OS makes everything look nice? hahaha

anyway, the reason i've posted the photo above is to point out something i've just only noticed... an incredible detail i've missed all this while. notice that the 'page load error' pop-up comes out from a slit in the grey part of the browser. it's so adorable... looks like the cd drive slit on a macbook! the pop-up slides out from the slit and dissappears when an option in the pop-up window is selected. such detail! who'd think of that?

i think i am "terlalu mengagungkan" apple products... infatuation? probably...

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