Friday, November 28, 2008

What's the hype with Twilight?

after work on wednesday night, i got this sms from YC asking whether i wanted to see Twilight. the movie was premiering at 12 midnight. from reading entertainment news on the CNN website and the likes, i gathered that the movie was pretty good since it had topped the box office in US. so naturally i thought that it would be a full house and that we were way too late to get tickets. we tried to book tickets via phone but the automated answering machine churned out a message that there were no available tickets for phone-booking.

anyway, we took a gamble and went to gsc, 1u (all the way from shah alam) and were surprised that we could get pretty good seats (one of the back rows) and that the cinema wasn't full! so we bought ourselves a couple of cups of 100plus and anticipated a great show.

for me, the film was mostly slow moving for the first half of the movie. i felt that the movie was ok, not spectacular... and i suspect the high ticket sales was probably contributed by those crazy screaming tweens which form a very effective cult following over any cute celebrity or any new fad deemed cool. however, for me, the only thing that attracted me was edward cullen (the vampire high school junior), played by robert pattinson.

ok, brace yourself for a "screamy teeny confession" (although i'm far from a teen!)... but he is so.... cute and cool! i think the hairstyle did most of the charming (his other pictures weren't as good looking as how he looked in Twilight). just puzzled how some people can be so beautiful... perfect face symmetry! and the eyes... so melancholy and hints of "danger".

well, i need to stop here (although it may be abrupt... no winding up of the idea above)... i've got an appointment to go to now... dinner in jaya one!

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