Monday, November 24, 2008

Not excited to go home?

today's been a weird day... not in a way that is freaky or way out of the Earth's orbit, but just tiny incidents which vary from the norm. i started my day off by parking in a space right in front of my office door entrance (i've never got this spot before) and as usual, i was early... so i started on my routine of placing the letters and newspapers where they should usually go, turning on the tv and air-con, taking a short visit to the loo... and then back to my desk. that's when i realised a black disc-shaped piece of plastic on the carpet under my desk. upon closer inspection, i found the black object to be vaguely familiar... sitting back on my chair, i eased off my shoes and discovered one heel piece missing... it wasn't even 10a.m. and i already had a wardrobe malfunction!

fortunately i keep a couple of pairs of slippers (for driving purpose) in my car, and subsequently hurried down to change my shoes before the others came in to work. i decided to wear the newer pair with huge gold faux crystals out of fear the older, more comfortable pair (bought in bali) would also give way before the day ended. the down side of these golden slippers was the pain it inflicts on my big toes.

the next thing that went wrong was the office internet connection. we've been having some unstable connection the past few days, but today was a total blackout for a couple of hours... which hindered my work... so i had time to flip through 'the edge' newspaper and boggle my mind with the business jargons so foreign to me. the internet downtime extended until i couldn't do my midday stock updates, so i went out for lunch with my colleagues.

we went to a place near aman suria which serves really good "char siew". however, when we finally got a table and wanted to order, the "char siew" was sold-out! i think my colleagues were pretty disappointed (i've noticed, and other people as well, that they love eating pork!), so we settled for hakka mee... which was my first time eating it and well, it tasted better than it looked (conclusion: i liked it). what's so weird about sold-out "char siew"? we've been to this restaurant a couple of times and we've never (at least when i went with them) encountered this situation before.

albeit the internet problems, i managed to finish my news in good timing. however, as usual, after searching and reading (or rather, skimming) through various news articles, i started getting sleepy and bored yet again... it was past 5.30p.m. and the only thing left for me to do was to compile the news and send it to my colleague. i was too sleepy and automatically rested my face in my palms with elbows propped on the desk and unconciously dozed off... i'm not sure exactly how long i was asleep, but i was awakened by the vibration of my ringing handphone on the table. in fact, i was jolted awake by it... hopefully no one saw how i reacted... anyway, it was mom calling to tell me she was at the curve and asked me to go home straight... i can't imagine how long i'd be asleep at my desk if i didn't receive that call! i could've missed my "going home" time and end up sleeping in office!!! although that would be highly unlikely... hahaha

and finally, i just learned a new word from watching an oprah episode on highly talented children... and the word is "phenom"! all this while, i've only known "phenomenon" and i never knew the root word is "phenom"... so tv is educational... occassionally...

btw, over the weekend i put up a news found from the reuters website that a research showed unhappy people tend to watch more tv (counting average hours a day) than happy people, who spend more of their time reading or socialising... so that's just an idea to ponder upon.

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