Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Clearing Dead Flowers

it's embarrassing but i'd only worked up the effort to dismantle my graduation flower bouquets yesterday and throw the dead flora away. the wilting blossoms in brightly coloured florist paper had been sitting in the kitchen for exactly 2 months... it was starting to give out that herbaceous smell of drying leaves...

i know that usually people just throw the whole bouquet away after a week, but i had to take out the graduation bears and removed some of the papers (to be used in some future scrapbooking or art & craft attempts)... yes, i'm a hoarder of all sorts of craft supplies!

anyway, the reason for this sudden burst of positive energy in clearing up the house comes at the usual time of the month where i'll get very hardworking and will go the extra mile to get thing done. i find that i do better on exams when it falls around this time of the month. it's because i'll be in the mood to write and thus, my answers will be better phrased... although nothing can help me if the facts are wrong, but at least if they are correct and nicely phrased, the examiner will be in a better mood and may be more lenient! at least that's what i hope...

this also explains why there's 2 posts for today.

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