Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Interesting Numbers

i just noticed as i was adding the forex that today's foreign exchange for 100 saudi riyal was RM90.210... get it? 90210... beverly hills 90210... the popoular tv series in the 1990s. but of course 90210 is only the post code or zip code...

i don't know why but i seem to always notice numbers and try to make sense of them... like while trying to remember where we parked the car, i'll try to turn the parking lot number into something that i find interesting. sometimes it's abit annoying when i can't make the numbers into anything but the numbers itself and so, i 'll just write it down somewhere.

another weird numbers thing i've come to notice is that i always seem to see 12.34 on my handphone clock, astro decoder clock, car clock or any digital time piece... somehow, i always manage to unwittingly check the time at 12.34, be it in the morning or night. the most common is after church on sunday and if i'm using the computer at night.

unfortunately, i really can't remember numbers when there is a need to remember them. i'm only good for remembering redundant numbers where there's no importance in recalling them. it's just weird how the brain works.

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