Friday, June 27, 2008

The habit sets in again

It's been almost 2 weeks and still no progress on my site renovation... as expected i guess... i think i'll just modify my original plans and simplify the layout. hopefully i'll have the mood to do this right after this post.

so i've officially been unemployed for 4 days. before this i still had the alibi of attending an IT course, but now it's full on job hunting for me. however my major problem is that i'm not too clear of what i want to work as. one thing i know is that i don't want to work in an analysis lab (just too much chemicals and repetition)...

now, to account for my first four days of unemployment. monday: went for a test/interview thing which i think i did really badly at. tuesday & wednesday: stayed at home, searched for jobs online. thursday (today) was more productive; i hand-washed a big load of my clothes, started reading Anderson Cooper's Dispatches from the Edge, practically cooked dinner, checked my bank account (and discovered i don't have enough to pay up my ptptn loan) and finally managed to get mum to choose her birthday spectacles!

as a result, i'm a couple of hundred ringgits poorer with chapped hands and a whole load of clean clothes!!! yay, i feel today was a productive day! but i'm wondering are slight back pains (mainly at the base of my spine when i hunch) and very mild chest discomforts a part of anxiety or signs that i'm getting old or indications of an unhealthy lifestyle?

recently, we've switched to brown rice (when we discovered that our white rice had finished and nobody remembered to buy more) which we bought a month or two before. i thought that it would be a bit difficult to adapt to as i've heard that brown rice is tough etc. however after trying it, i think it tastes better (like cereal), just a little more chewy but it puffs up like boiled barley or pop corn when soaked in soup or gravy! its just so cute!

since it's already 2 a.m. and i have an appointment tomorrow to open a bank account, i think i should stop here so that i have some time to modify my blog layout.

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