Thursday, June 05, 2008

Final semester results! (long overdue post)

recently i heard from someone that blogs which are too wordy are boring... i guess i'm guilty as charged! i don't know why my posts keep getting longer when i tell myself to make it short and simple. and i love doing this: '...'; i guess its just a bad writing habit cultivated by too much chatting on msn... (see! i couldn't help it, my finger just typed it out automatically).

ok, straight to the subject of my title, no more deviating! 2 posts ago, i posted a reminder to myself so now i'm making good of it. about three weeks ago, my final semester results finally came out (gee, 'finally' isn't an appropriate word to use since it was pretty speedy of the lecturers and isb staffs in releasing the results... faculty of built environment just got their results this week). anyway, as mulled upon in a previous post, i was worried for my 8 credit hours final year project as a bad grade could be highly injurious to my CGPA (it is already bad enough in its current state). however, to my delight (PRAISE GOD!!!) i got an A!!!! woohoo! (i'm trying to reenact the joy i felt 3 weeks ago, pardon me if it does sound a little pathetic here) i got another A for industrial biochemistry which was also taught by my project supervisor (quite an unexpected feat). however for the other 2 papers i only scored Bs and my biochemistry practical 2 (which was chiefly responsible for my lack of sleep constantly throughout the semester) only scored me an A- (my opinion is many of us deserved As, but for my case i have no comment...).

anyway, it's strange but i wasn't really seriously truly worried about my last semester's results. perhaps it may be due to my impending fate of entering the working world (a.k.a rat race) that occupied my mind more than getting good grades... gosh, this is a form of distraction!

in line with my effort in keeping posts short, i'll end here... (with the 'bad habit' punctuating my post again!)

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