Thursday, June 12, 2008


i embarked on an attempt to revamp this blog yesterday night, using ideas from and a free blog template from as a layout guide. i managed to finish designing the photoshop components yesterday night and spent alot of time in class trying to fit the pieces together using xml. i must admit that i'm really doing this blindly, i don't understand the markup language... so by trial and error i've managed to piece together about 50% of the layout, which you can see here. i've also included a shot of how my new blog layout is supposed to look like... hopefully i'll be able to resolve the problems i'm facing with getting the layout to work.

this is a mutant version of the draft layout i created in photoshop... some how blogger distorted the colours when i uploaded this image... tried it twice, still the same results

this is the screenshot of the working layout so far (i still can't figure out how to add the blog description, 'About me' and 'Blog Archive' boxes... and also to get the sidebar panel to reach the footer... at the moment it's just hanging there and my footer is incomplete on the left side...)

So you can expect this blog to look rather shabby for some time... at least till i've found the time and solution to right the current problems in the xml!

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