Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I think I'm easily brain-washed

firstly (before i forget), i've finally modified my original planned layout so that my blog doesn't look half-baked like before (although admittedly it hasn't baked to perfection yet!). i think it doesn't look that bad now, just a broken left column and some misaligned text. however i noticed that on the imac, the menu (left column) consist of serif type... which i don't particularly like on an electronic medium. i can't recall how it was on a windows pc. anyway, that's a minor problem and i shall work on it when i remember to.

lately, i've been job hunting (mostly online) and have visited a number of FMCG company websites. some of the more established organizations offer online applications where you need to login and fill out electronic forms, upload your resume, answer a string of questions so they can gauge your personality or analytical skills and finally get you to sign a legal agreement about the authenticity of the information you provided and allowing them to keep your info in their database, authorize them to check out your criminal records etc... i find these procedures tedious (but sometimes quite interesting too) as i can take up to half a day to complete one application (also thanks to streamyx, which allows me to enter the same data multiple times due to connection failure). however before all these application processes, there is the part where you read about the job description and what you'd be able to learn from the job... when i read that part (be it on the company's website or on jobstreet or jobsDB etc.), sometimes i feel so motivated and excited to start working on the job... that i forget that i haven't even started applying for it... i know this sounds so 'pathetic-jobless-slash-unemployed-person'-ish and i hope that this blog's poor readership will mean that this other side of me would not be known to many (*mockingly holding right index finger to lips whilst pronouncing "Shhhh!"*)

anyway, so here's how the post title came about... i think i'm easily brain-washed! feed me a little bit of inspirational mumbo jumbo fancy pantsy writing and i'm impressed! strangely, i've never really caught on to reading motivational books and what nots... i have always thought i'd never benefit from them because whenever i read a snippet, it's just plain common sense! i find that nothing is new or intriguing for me... so back to the topic of me being easily brain-washed... this shows the power of good writing or rather the clever use/selection of words!!! i wish that i could write that well (i don't mean job ads!) to inspire people to feel emotions they weren't planning to feel or to change their outlook on a certain topic...

just like when i was reading 'a child called it' by dave pelzer or falling leaves by adeline yen mah, it made me shed many tears... the choice of words used really plays an important role in influencing the reader's reading experience... not just the idea behind the words.

i just finished reading anderson cooper's 'dispatches from the edge'... it's a good read, sad but it's reality... war, famine, natural disasters...

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