Wednesday, June 15, 2005

After a long break.

i have not been blogging for quite awhile! well... the latest news is... i'm working again at the kindergarten; but just for 1 more month. when my boss heard i'd be pretty much hanging around for the whole of june, she asked mum to ask me (i know it sounds so mind boggling) whether i'd like to work for another month... so i said ok.

it's the first week since school reopened. there's a new boy in my class... he has a very short cropped head of hair but otherwise, he could be a quite handsome boy (i think). he did alot of crying and clinging to his mum on the first day. btw, it seems the mum was a headmistress before she quit in order to take care of her kids. anyway, today was this kids' official 1st day at school (without his parents). he cried abit but later on, he coloured 4 pages when the other kids only coloured 1-2 pages!!! so hardworking!!! however, when we were just about to dismiss the kids, he gave us a shock by depositing a HUGE pile of solid waste and lots of liquid waste (if you get my drift... ;Þ). but luckily everything turned out fine.

i think the staff of the sun and surf cafe in sunway resort hotel must know me and mum by face very well... for the past few weeks we have been patronising their restaurant during the lunch buffet (4x counting today). 1st we went with the school's teachers. 2nd we went with aunty chan and gang whereas i was with ban yee and jia huey. 3rd we went with aunty stella, aunty lena and aunty florence. and 4th we went with aunty mary. the spread's been pretty much the same (boiled prawns and cray fish... or were they small lobsters?) with little variations. the reason why we go there so often now is: 1) citibank card is having a 50% off offer, and 2) our friends (different sets) want to try out the food/take advantage of the offer.

now, for the update on my reading list... (warning: to those who are currently or intending to read the left behind series, don't read this paragraph...there are serious spoilers below.) i finished the left behind book 11: armageddon two weeks ago. it was so sad... albie, chloe and TSION dies!!! i couldn't believe tsion, the spiritual leader for literally all the believers left, died by a freak shot (if i remember correctly...). but well, there's a greater cause at hand anyway. now i'm reading the last installation of the left behind series, book 12: glorious appearing (which i got only this sunday). in book 11, rayford and buck were seriously injured. well i just found out who died... and it was buck!!! so sad... that means kenny bruce is an orphan! (sorry for the spoilers...)

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