Saturday, June 25, 2005

sick and lost

i've been sick for the past 2 days... i'm feeling very shitty now. guess what? the uni placements came out today... and so i sms-checked my application and after a couple of hours, they sent me a msg that i got into UM! but they gave me the B Sc course... it was my 3rd choice... at the time when i applied i wanted to do biotech but now... i'm not too sure... future seems abit bleek. i dunno what to do... because i can't appeal... and the more i read about this whole thing the more depressed i feel... i've to stay there too... for the 1st year. what should i do? or maybe this feeling that i'm havung now is just the effect of prospective change that'll happen very soon in my life... whatever it is, i pray that i'll make all the right moves and will enjoy my tertiery education.

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