Wednesday, June 29, 2005

I'm waiting!

my friends have already recieved their offer letters in the mail! where's mine? as usual, i think the blame can be targetted at the lousy inefficiency of the postal service in my area... did i mention before that we recieved a christmas card and our december 2004 telephone bill in april 2005? i just hope that the letter will get safely to me by tomorrow... if not, i'd have to go to UM for it...

i met up with part of the hyperactive chatterboxers on sunday night at mcD in section 3 shah alam(and thank God we met up - talking with them really encourage and motivated me!). we had quite a night talking and exchanging "what's new in your life" stories... one thing that i really love about this bunch of friends is that we never run out of ideas of what to talk about so there isn't any awkwardness during our meetings! and they're a really positive thinking (thus spiritually encouraging) bunch of people!!! i guess we clique (spelling!?!) really well because we've known each other for a long time (some since kindergarten...) and spent lots of time together during our school days...

i had another meetup on monday night... but this time with my samad friends. i was so tired that day and came very late (they'd finished dinner then) because i had to have a nap first. when i reached pyramid, i was still in a daze... not yet quite out of my sleep mode... but after a little talking nonsense with ban yee... i was bright as a daisy!!! i found out that there were 4 people in our class who were offered UM but only yen chyng and i are taking up the offer... the other 2 are going to singapore... seems like a lot of people are going over there... (oh yeah xiang wen was offered the same course and hostel as i was but she's taking up an NTU offer... so i won't be seeing her in UM... so sad) anyway, belinda asked me to join the CF in UM... i hope i will... by the way, jia huey (medicine) and belinda are going to unimas, selina (medicine) to indonesia, ban yee, sook yeng, yan leng and bee chin to upm, jacyln to ums sabah, ming ching (medicine) to utm, yuen mun and qi bin to singapore. so as you can see, we're all going to be pretty scattered around very soon! but luckily there's still a handful of us in the klang valley... especially upm!!! not fair... they have so many friends there... i have yen chyng and some science 3 and 4 people (which i don't really know...) but thank God i got an offer... and so near home!!! (comparing with other uiversities...)

well, i'm feeling more positive now about university and my course... i pray that the Lord will continue to encourage me (like how He has sent so many angels to prepare my state of mind these past few days). thinking about prayers being answered, i've just realised that my prayers (the long term ones as well as the rash spur of the moment prayers) have been answered! (whether i like it or not...) so conclusion is... be thoughtful whenever you pray because our Lord is a prayer-answering God! but no matter what happens, He'll always pave a way... be it making a change in our environment or enabling us to have a character change.

Prayers answered lately:
1. STPM results
2. university placement

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