Monday, January 31, 2005

shopaholic & sister!!!

ahh... i've finished reading shopaholic & sister!!! i started on it on friday night and was done on sunday evening! really good! hilarious!!! i think it is even better than the 2 previous ones... but i still like confessions of a shopaholic best... anyway, since i had to bring the book along when i went out... which was often... my poor book is a little battered already...

ok, i'd better go to sleep now... will be starting work tomorrow again... can't wait for holiday... what should i read next? maybe i should finish reading all my science books... "a brief history of time" and "mendeleyev's dream"... oh gosh, and that bulfinch's greek mythology book i've been trying to finish since forever!!! imagine, i even hunted down bulfinch's other mythology book (which is unfortunately out of print) at the second-hand bookstores!!! i've got to get new book racks!!! i keep forgetting that i still have tons of unread books in store... alice in wonderland books, rudyard kipling's books, mary shelley's books, l.m.montgomery's books, george elliot's books, a christmas carol, robert frost's poems, phantom of the opera (which i have 2 copies!), ernest hemingway's books, jane austen's history of england... to name a few... oh yeah, and bobby greyfriars... the first classic literature book i bought (and still have not finished)!

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