Sunday, January 23, 2005

what happened to my memory cells!!!

i'm currently sniffling with a sore throat as i type this! i can't believe that i can get flu twice within a month! what's up with my immune system? where's all the T/B memory cells generated from the 1st infection gone to? gee... maybe this time a different strain of virus has infected me... so depressing! btw, i got it from my mom... and people say that i infected her(from my 1st flu attack...)!!!

anyway, i had a horrible asthma attack just now... and no one to take me to the doctor!!! my ventolin inhaler didn't work at all!!! so i had to drag myself downstairs to look for the ventolin tablets in the fridge... luckily i still had 5 tablets left... then i took one and waited... praying and trying to breath... and waited... tried to get my mind off the difficulty in breathing by reading pride and prejudice... and finally after like 20 minutes or so... breathing started getting easier... thank God!!! i realised that the bbc version of p&p is quite close to the book!

i read "a walk to remember" again... i can't help noticing the vast difference between the movie and the book! i mean the book is set in a totally different era, landon's dad is a congressman and they're super rich and his parents aren't divorced... and there's at least 20 different things i could list out here... but i won't because it's just pointless...

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