Tuesday, February 08, 2005

pajamas in pyramid

4th february 2005 - a couple of hyperactive-chatterboxers (to be exact: me, ooi, nisha, becca & kharlal) met up in pyramid for some shopping and dinner. we ate fish and all of us tried eating mussels in cheesy sauce... as a result, 3 out of 5 of us will not be eating that in the near future!!! kharlal bought some really really cute clothes... i hope we'll see her in them next saturday... after walking kharlal to her car, we commenced to sunway hotel for our slumber party.

we were expecting about 6 people but only 5 were able to come (wendy was sick...)... so we watched tv while awaiting the arrival of everyone... actually we did lots of watching tv cause there wasn't anything worthwhile to watch in the cinema... poor us!!!so we ended up watching "sleepless in seattle"(what a lovely chic flick) together (while munching on cheesels)... all in all we managed to catch snatches of "dogs & cats", "maid in manhattan", "swept away" (old witch, bad acting), "mickey blue eyes" (love those crisp shirts...), etc. (i can't recall if there were any more...

our party was about to crash cause some of us were nodding off when suddenly (at around 2a.m.) becca said something to the effect of - "look at us! what are we doing? we're staying overnight in sunway hotel and we're locked in our room watching tv!!! we should be having fun!!! cindy, come let's go get some kampai!!!" with a dimpled grin... quite unexpected of becca ;Þ so we decided to walk to 7-eleven (in our sleeping clothes @ pajamas)

so off we went, up the hotel elevator (we were on the -ve 10th floor; as nisha puts it), and through the lobby (where the hotel staff on duty looked at us suspiciously...). however when we got there, they only had lemon kampai (priced at rm9.90) which we didn't want... so we decided to try getting our drinks at one of the bars in pyramid... since ooi, nisha and cindy didn't want to go in (cause they were wearing shorts n t-shirt etc.), the task fell to me and becca (uh oh...i've never done this before...) and so we went to the music room at cafe flam (???1st and last time i'll ever go there!) and the place was so dark (with flashing lights....which confused me...), smokey and booming with techno (yukk!!!) ... becca had to yell our orders to the bar tender, who took quite a few moments to get our orders right... 2 blueberry kampais and 1 blackcurrant kampai... we paid up and scooted off (i think there was a drunk guy who was about to touch becca as she was slipping away... *the horror*) ... we met up with the other 3 at the walkway and discovered that we'd paid more than rm60 for our drinks (cause each kampai cost rm18 and there were taxes...) anyway, we felt kinda silly about that but decided to think of it as a "once in a lifetime experience... " hahahaha

so we slinked through the lobby again (the people there must've thought we were crazy alcoholic girls) and went down to our room. we shared the drinks between the 5 of us... my opinion: the sea-greenish blueish blueberry kampai tasted like the red/green cough mixture and the deep burgandy blackcurrant kampai smelled a little bit like butterscotch but tasted like ribena with cough mixture... and we supped on milky bites and m&m's (which we saw in the hotel room's fridge and immediately decided to get some from giant!) ... oh, and the best part... i drank the least kampai and i turned red!!! felt so hot but it eased my cough though... we mixed the drinks and obtained a somewhat clear solution and we tried to pass it off as water in our wacky silly photo session, but failed miserably as the drink looked dark brown (cause of the shadows of the night...) ... we had heart-to-heart conversations and chic flick talks... till around 4a.m. or 5a.m., when we decided we'd better sleep...

we'd set the alarm at 10a.m. and woke up promptly, took our baths, checked out and had breakfast at mcD. cindy had to go cny shopping and becca had to rush off to teach piano... so the 3 of us waited for my mum... we sat at 3 different locations while waiting... in front of topshop (where the salesguy must've thought we were watching their tv for free... which we were... malu...), in front of seed (where we saw a few couples wearing identical garments...) and in front of sinma (i think... can't remember clearly...) then we accompanied ooi to dave's deli for a quick bite (where we saw an ah beng kid wearing a pair of weird pants with a cord of canvas interconnecting both his legs behind his knees... whatever for???)

when my mum finally came to get us, we discovered that her car couldn't start, so a foreman was called (which later costed us more than rm200!!! for some started mechanism part and service charge...) and we passed our time walking around in pyramid... mum bought me 2 tops!!! and when everything was finished and we were ready to go, it was already quite late... my deep felt apologies to ooi and nisha for keeping you girls out so late!!! anyway all's well ends well... this was an interesting experience with the hyperactive-chatterboxers which i'll always remember!!! thanx girls!!!

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