Saturday, January 15, 2005

Finally friday!

ok, i've been working for a week plus and though it doesn't really feel like working, but i'm glad anyway that the weekend's here! now i can have my late nights again... hmmm... i dunno why i've been so broke since stpm... so many birthdays and outings i guess... and oh no! i still owe my bro more than rm100!!! should i take care of outstanding debts first or buy a ticket for the harry connick jr. & mpo concert? ;Þ oh, today i found out that sting's concert is from his sacred love album... don't really fancy that one... plus, is chris botti going to be touring with him?

i was looking through my certs today (to give copies of my academic certs to my boss... formality) and i came across my mensa test results letter... i wonder whether they'll still take me in as a member... since i took the MAT in may 2004 and did not promptly join them as a mensan... however, i just emailed them. i pray they'll accept me without making me take the test again!!!

ok... it's 3 something already... i'd better go to sleep now... i need to purge this bum attitude of mine and wake up early and hopefully dig my way to the piano and relearn how to play piano today!!!

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