Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Priceless 8: HTML & CSS

Priceless is...

... the moment when I found out how to edit the copyright info at the footer of my blog in three clicks.

I spent 2 solid hours combing through HTML and CSS code trying to figure out the relevant section with the help of 'view source code' in Chrome (no thanks to blogger where the search function doesn't pull up the word search results). I even tried recalling some basic stuff I learned from CS50 about having a 'library' of attributes which would be used by certain tags later in the code (vaguely remember the principle but not the details).

After giving up, I browsed through the menu bar in blogger and tried clicking 'Layout' and scrolled down to 'Footer-3' and there it was in a pop up window! Goodnight, time for bed.

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