Sunday, February 12, 2017

Priceless 4: Relief

Priceless is...

... that feeling of relief when something that has been troubling my mind is resolved.
The comfort of being able to breath that long awaited sigh of relief. One less cloud over my head dispersed. Even that slight tightness in my shoulder has relaxed. Just shows how my anxiousness was playing out physically.

The issue with introverts is that there are so many streams of thought going through our minds constantly. Projectioning the what-ifs and strategising the Plan B, C, D... but many times it just comes down to the right timing. The outcome may vary from the mind picture I have but the quantum of change would not be too drastic to require a Plan B.

But despite my self-inflicted anxiousness, I am truly thankful for the past week and particularly today. My prayer was answered. I really should have more faith in prayer.

Another sort of cheap thrill relief is when I've shaken my tictacs all into neat uniform stacks. I haven't gone to the extent of sorting them by colours - that would take some days of serious tictac shaking!

shake tictac orange red OCD
tictac stacking by shaking

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