Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Priceless 1: Warm bath

In light of some recent social media diarrhoea and hypocrisy, I shall neutralise the experience, forgive and forget, rise above the lowness and create positive vibes. So here's starting another slew of thematic posts to be thankful for the little things in life, that anyone can enjoy.

It is priceless...

... to feel the hot water pounding and flowing down my back after a long achy (virus-ey) day. The hot water cooling in just a slight gradient to warm as it reaches my ankles and pools at my feet before draining away. Warming my icy hands and feet, while overcoming the feverish heat in my head. Temporarily taking away the memory of the body's uneasiness.

Some call it scalding but coming into realisation that I can will my skin's temperature sensors into acclimatising to the harsh condition is refreshing and relaxing. It is mind over matter. Perhaps the most challenging conditions I have encountered were in the steam cave in the Sunway Lost World of Tambun water park and the private onsen in Kawaguchiko. Never did I think I could endure such temperatures, but I did, and I did so for second rounds too!

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